(Up to Age 12)

Our Children Celebration are designed with parents in mind and includes everything you need! We offer fun personalized touches that will be sure to excite your little one(s) and create the best day ever! We can provide the perfect balance of interactive and fun crafts and games and stylish decor. We are guaranteed to meet all of your needs!

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Confetti Party
(AGES 13-17)

Our Teen Celebration are always on trend! We offer personalized touches with gorgeous details that will be sure to wow and impress your teen and their guests. Let us help you celebrate those important Milestones. From Sweet Sixteens to Graduation, we've got you covered and are prepared to plan a party as big as you can dream!

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With our Adult Celebrations, you get to be your own guest! Let us create a flawless celebration that will leave you with you memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. From Birthdays to Baby Showers. We put thought and care into all of the details. All you need to do is decide is if you want your event to be intimate or over the top. Leave the rest to us!

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(AGES 18 & Up)